セルフリリースの他、trekkie trax、Prototypes Records、Explity Musicから楽曲をリリース。
また、私立恵比寿中学、ぞん子(ZONe)、beatmania IIDX(KONAMI)、「Team Sonic Racing」(SEGA)、CM楽曲などジャンルを問わず楽曲提供。

She is a music producer who self-produces her own lyrics, compositions, arrangements, vocals, and artwork. She also does her own 3DCG modeling.
Her recent works are characterized by hard techno, Gabber, digital hardcore, RAVE sound, and shadowy lyricism.
In addition to her own self-releases, she has also released music through trekkie trax, Prototypes Records, and Explity Music.
She has also contributed songs to major artists, games and commercials.